a unit of  VAJDI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is one of the best Dental Care provider in Madhya Pradesh. CDSH – a well known name in the field of dental health care, be it perfection, quality or be it patient care became one of the best in the state with hard work and vision.



Situated at the western part of Indore city CDSH is spread over 7.7 acres campus of exquisite trees and flowering shrubs. It makes for a salubrious environment of study and patient care. Located picturesquely a top the Jhoomer Ghat hills commanding a panoramic view to the institute look like a picnic spot especially during monsoon.



The campus is only 10 km from the Airport and 13 km from Indore Railway Station and situated beside Agra-Bombay Road towads Mhow, near Hotel Mashaal, Rau.

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