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College of Dental Science & Hospital, Rau, Indore, was established in 1999 with a foremost sight of an efficacious education in dental. As you browse through our website we are sure you will realize our commitment to Dental Education, Quality, Patient Care and Research.


It has been 15 years since the college was established by Vajdi Educational Society with a great visionary and foremost sight of an efficacious education in Dental Sciences. The college is affiliated to Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University, Jabalpur and is recognized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi.


The Dental college focuses on developing a better generation of dentists by providing quality education to them. Over the period of time the Institution has attained a reputation of itself purely because of its impressive infrastructure…

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Why Specialize in Dentistry at CDSH?

Choosing a career path for your future is a crucial thing and never a simple assignment, in the meantime it is an imperative defining moment in your life. Not long after you choose your stream, the next thing to center upon is the college. Pick a college degree with a course that meets your career objective. You should be very clear in doing this because this weighs in your professional life a lot…
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MISS. RABAB ABBASI– University Topper (Batch……………….)

Heartiest Congratulation to all the final year Students for their success.

It it our immense pleasure to annorence  that Miss.Rabab Abbasi has

secured 1st rank among all the final year BDS students of DAVV  University.

Latest Events

  Best Paper Presentation

Deptpt900【0.3ct】 テンダイヤモンド リング 【楽ギフ_包装】.of Conservative Dentistry &amp絵画 油絵 ベネチア (半澤国雄) 送料無料 【肉筆】【油絵】【外国の風景】【10号】; Endodontics

(1) Dr. Divya Saxena – 15th IACDE-IES National PG

      Convention 2014 at Chennai.

(2) Dr. Poorvi Shrivastava- 4th West zone

      PG Convention 2015 at Indore

(3) Dr. Rajeshwar singh – 25th Annual IDA Conference

      Dec-2015 at Indore.

(4) Dr. Rajeshwar singh-17th IACDE-IES National PG

      Convention at Bhopal.

(5) Dr. Rudra K.Gupta 17th IACDE-IES National PG

      Convention at Bhopal.

Department of Prosthodontics

(1) Dr. Prerna Agrawal – 25th Annual IDA Conference

       Dec- 2015 at Indore

(2) Dr. Prerna Agrawal – IACDE Program (CDSH)

       10 th Augt. 2015

(3) Dr.Pradeepta Koushal – 25th IDA Annual Conference


(4) Dr.Purvi Dhariwal- 46th IPS PG Conference

      Dec-2015 (Hyderabad)